Open Doors for Maui

is a community directory created to help connect those displaced by the fires on Maui and a free to use platform for community organizations to streamline their recovery efforts.

What is this?

ODFM (Open Doors for Maui) is a community maintained directory where anyone affected by the Maui wildfires can easily share their information discretely to be matched with available housing or supplies.

It serves as an open and free platform for community organizations to streamline their recovery effort by directing their inquiries to ODFM they can then easily manage and track requests from a secure and easy to use dashboard.

This is a free platform and tool for all organizations involved in the recovery efforts of Maui.

ODFM is designed to facilitate inquiries from all parts of the community efficiently and securely. If your organization would like to make use of the platform:

If you're offering shelter or donations of supplies:

You can submit your intent to offer shelter via the form here.

The offer donations form can be used to share details about your donation of supplies. If you have additional questions please email

If you need shelter or supplies:

For housing request please fill out the shelter request form. If you need supplies you can share details about your specific needs and where you can comfortably pick them up on the supplies request form.

How did you come up with this idea?

We want to help anyway we can. There are too many stories of people with resources unable to connect with those who need them, or displaced community members unable to connect with hosts willing to open their home. We want to connect everyone who can help, to those who need it.

Who built this?

This site was created with the intention to help connect families in dire need with individuals and entities capable of assisting. It is built by AVMIL Labs and any other community members who are willing to contribute.

How did you build this?

It is an adaption of Hawaiians in Tech - a directory and community of Native Hawaiians in tech created by Emmit Parubrub & Taylor Ho. The repo for Open Doors for Maui can be found here .

How can I get more involved with the community?

Contributors are welcome and encouraged to request access to the GitHub Repo.

Open Doors for Maui is a grassroots project built in the hopes of helping those in need. We do not accept any donations and ask that those be directed to organizations detailed here.

How can I update my information? Or remove myself altogether?

If you have not yet been contacted regarding your inquiry you can send change requests, including removal from the directory via email at